Sunday, September 4, 2016

Blog Focus

Well it took me a little longer than an afternoon to figure things out.  Since I seem to have trouble focusing on just one discipline I will share information and experiences as they happen.

Be warned I tend to multi-task, actually there tends to be a minimum of six projects being worked at once.

As of September 4, 2016 on the urgent pile: My niece's homecoming dress, a custom fit undershirt for my brother, a life size emperor penguin sculpture.  Within the next two weeks I need to strip/repair/ frame and install an antique front door - followed closely by a new basement exit door same work required.  The garage roof needs to the stripped, repaired and re-shingled.  The flower garden needs some attention weeds and mulching and it looks like I have honey bees using a corner of the porch as a hive.Looking to the future I am in the planning stages of a beaded flapper dress.

All the while working on the last fine art challenge issued by my Grandmother - she challenged me to complete the entire alphabet in art, A and B are done and C (Cleopatra lounging on chaise) a large format oil painting is in process.

Coming up next:  Lessons learned, machine embroidery on chiffon and organza.                       

Saturday, September 3, 2016

After a long hiatus I have decided it is time to return to my blog.  I have a new vision/direction for this blog and will highlight the changes by this evening.         

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Referral Guilt

Spring is right around the corner and new projects are springing up faster than the plants will - once the snow is gone.   I am still working on some long term vintage sewing projects.  I have a few new ideas floating around in my head. I will have to get them down on paper and into the planning and construction stage so I can have new ones ..  LOL

Well on the the referral guilt. ( fictional names have been used to protect the privacy of those involved - but needed to follow story)  I work at a large art and craft store and one of my customers who I will name Jan planned to have a padded cornice recovered - she had asked me initially to complete the project and at the time I was overloaded with projects and I just did not have the time.  That was O.K.  this Jan had received a name of another seamstress  in town from a competitor; for this story we will refer to her as Beth.  I recognized the name; I had worked for this company for a short while and I had seen Beth's work, very professional and well done.  Long story shorter - Jan  came back to my store the other day to buy new fabric.  Beth totally botched the job - the fabric that was initially used was ruined and not reusable.  Jan purchased new fabric, the cornice is 18 inches high and 9 feet long, the fabric chosen was of a good quality and the price reflected it.  At this time Jan asked me to recover the cornice again.  Right now my schedule allows it so off I go.

I do feel bad - logically I should not based on the work I have seen I had no reservations.  It really upsets me that a "professional" would take on a job that they were not able to complete in a suitable manner - it does make things that much harder for everyone else.  Not only does one have to ease their fears and calm them, but you need to repair or alter someone Else's mess.  (I am climbing down from my soap box"

I just got the first layer of fabric and trim off - ugh.  The original fabric was still underneath .  All the fabric is off and I am looking at a thin layer of batting that will have to be beefed up before I add the heavy upholstery fabric.  I will have pictures of my progress in a bit.         


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It has been some time since I last checked in.  The 1912 project has ended so to speak..  I still have projects to complete and look forward to finding the time to get them done.  

Winter is in full swing and I was glad to get the house buttoned up right before the snow started flying.  Today is the 4th major snowstorm of the season.  I am fortunate enough to work for a company that values its' employees more than most - I was sent home when the road conditions started to deteriorate.  I celebrated the end of 2012 with the knowledge that my roof no longer leaks, I finally decided on room size rugs for the living and dining room and ordered them.  Most importantly Grandma is healthy and doing well.

Now on to 2013 - many large projects on the horizon.  The theatre company I work for is doing well and I continually receive new projects to complete.  For this summer I need to draft and sew 3 vintage football uniforms for their production Curly Lambeau era 1919-1949 leaves a wide range of dates to look at.  Right now I am sewing a Valentine pillow; if everything goes right it should look like a box of chocolates.  Then it is on to 2 men's suit coats - Elvis styled.  Perhaps after that I will have time to finish the Go Go dress design I have been working on.  I will post a few pictures when I finish the smaller projects.               

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Life can get in the way

Perhaps I am a bit slow but it seems that the best intentions are often thrown askew by life.  I was hoping to get more vintage sewing done this year; I really wanted to broaden my skill set.  Alas as of yet that has not happened.  Not that the year thus far has been a washout and I have managed to gain a few new skills - just not in the way I imagined.  In the past two months I have made one ladies dress jacket, altered three mens' jackets.  Altered a bridal gown and created a custom beaded and rhinestone sash.  sewed and sent out the first gymnastics leotard for my niece. Sculpted 2 table top jukeboxes and painted the set for the theatre company I work for.

In the next three weeks I need to alter another wedding gown and two bridesmaids dresses for the same wedding, sew a custom designed Halloween costume, creatively dress four actors as  historic authors - Edgar Allan Poe, Samuel Clemens, Agatha Christie and Laura Ingalls Wilder for a fundraiser for a local non-profit art group, dye 67 yards of fabric to make the drapery for my living and dining room windows, strip and refinish the hardwood floor in my art studio (just so I can get the cabinets out of the garage before it snows), add additional cross support to my two story porch - and I am sure there are at least another dozen things on that list but right now I am feeling exhausted just thinking about what is to come.        

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Still haven't had any time to do recreational sewing...  I will be having family stay with me in early June - been spending lots of time getting things ready.  My NEW roof was leaking and damaged the ceiling in the guest room - needed to repair, basement had water in it - clean that up, kitchen drain clogged -  time to play plumber, garden needs prepping and plants to outside - whew lots of manual labor, lawnmower stopped running - going to the small engine shop..   I think that may be about it; Oh! how could I forget multiple projects for the theater company I work for and an emergency repair of a custom Elvis jumpsuit.    Calgon take me away ( well maybe not...  what would be here waiting for me when I got back?)  Hoping to get back to sewing soon.      

Monday, April 2, 2012

Time to get back to sewing

Happy to report that Grandma is back home from her hospital and rehabilitation stay.  This weekend I finished all the required projects for the theatre group ( three 70's styled pull over shirts, 2 gold records and an eight foot long business sign)  I also managed to complete the 2 commissioned giant rabbits for another client - at long last I can get back to some of my sewing.  I will pick up where I left off; my princess slip is still pinned on the dress form and the pleated flounce still is in pretty good shape.....